Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


酒蒸し枝豆 “Edamame”
  Salted “Edamame”-beans
アンチョビキャベツ “Anchobi-kyabetsu”
  Pan fried anchovy mixed with cabbage
7,00 €
自家製土佐酢のもずく “Mozuku”
  “Mozuku” seaweed and more with homemade bonito vinegar
6,00 €
揚げ出し豆腐 “Agedashi”Tofu
  Deep fried tofu with Dashi fish broth
7,00 €


  Deep fried vegetables with“Dashi”fish broth

7.00 €
茄子田楽 “Nasu-dengaku”
  Deep fried eggplant with torched sweet Miso paste
8,50 €

厳選白飯と漬物 Rice and Pickles

       Premium guality steamed rice and pickles

4,50 €


焼きロメインレタスとドライトマトのビーフシーザーサラダ Caesar salad

  Grilled Romaine lettuce with dried tomato Beef Caesar salad

16,00 €
野菜サラダ Green Salad
  Mixed salad with onion dressing
8,00 €
ゴマ辛ラーメンサラダ  “Ramen”Salad
  Cold “Ramen”-Noodles on salad with sesame sauce
13,00 €

【肉料理】Meat dishes

鶏の唐揚げ “Tori-Kara´age”
  Japanese style deep-fried marinated chicken thigh
12,00 €
バジルチキン Basil chicken
  Sizzling grilled chicken thigh with basil sauce
12,00 €
山賊鶏照り焼き “Sanzoku-Teriyaki”
  Sizzling grilled chicken thigh with teriyaki pepper sauce
12,00 €
特製ダレの牛焼肉 “Yakiniku”
  Sizzling grilled beef with Homemade sauce
15,00 €


  Grilled Chicken tight seasoning with spicy unique flavour salt

12,00 €


  Deep fried marinated Huge Chicken breast

13,00 €

しそチーズチキンカツ Chicken“Katsu

  Deep fried bread crumb chicken breast with cheese and“Shiso”leaf

14,00 €


ホッケ一夜干し “Hokke”
  Overnight dried Atka-mackerel
9,00 €
ケイジャンシュリンプ  Cajun Shrimp

  Grilled shell on the shell with Cajun spice sauce

11,00 €

トロいわしのフライ “Iwashi-Fry”

  Deep fried bread crumb Fatty Sardine with tartar sauce

12,00 €

ホタテバター “Hotate-Butter”
  Scallops grilled in butter and soy sauce
11,00 €

ガーリックシュリンプ Garlic shrimps

  Grilled prawn with garlic sauce

11,00 €


  “Tempura”oysters with fish“Dashi”broth

9,00 €


刺身3種盛り “Sashimi-Sanshumori”
 Three kinds of “sashimi”
18,00 €
刺身5種盛り “Sashimi-Goshumori”
 Five kinds of “sashimi”
28,00 €


盛り込み握り5種 “Nigiri-Goshumori” 
  Five kinds of “nigiri”-sushi
盛り込み握り8種 “Nigiri-Hasshumori” 
  Eight kinds of “nigiri”-sushi
28,00 €


ネギはま “Negihama-Maki” 6pc 
  Yellowtail with Green onion roll
6,00 €
キャビア “Caviar-maki” 6pc 
6,00 €
カッパ “Kappa-maki” 6pc 
3,50 €


  Trout roe


涙 “Namida-maki”  4pc 
  Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
5,00 €
鯖ガリ “Saba-gari-maki”  6pc 
  Mackerel and pickled ginger
5,00 €


  Pickled plum and “Shiso”leaf roll

4,50 €



親子カレーうどん(激辛+2 €)Curry-Udon

  Osaka  style chicken Curry soup udon noodles

  (extra spicy €2 more)

15,00 €

 明太焼きうどん “Mentai-Udon 

  Stir fried“Mentaiko[Spicy cod roe]”with“Udon

 12,00 €

キノコ南蛮うどん “Kinoko-Udon 

  Grilled Mushrooms and chicken thigh with“Udon

  fish broth Soup

 14,00 €

【Recommended dishes】

“Offer good, while supplies last!”we are offering more than 10 different recommended dishes every day.
※For more information, please ask our staff.

【デザート】 Dessert

小倉アイス “Ogura” ice 
  Red beans ice

2,80 €

黒胡麻アイス “Kurogoma” ice 
  Black sesame ice
2,80 €
抹茶アイス “Matcha” ice 
  Green tea ice
2,80 €