Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu


酒蒸し枝豆 “Edamame”
  Salted “Edamame”-beans
アンチョビキャベツ “Anchobi-kyabetsu”
  Pan fried anchovy mixed with cabbage
7,50 €
自家製土佐酢のもずく “Mozuku”
  “Mozuku” seaweed and more with homemade bonito vinegar
6,50 €
揚げ出し豆腐 “Agedashi”Tofu
  Deep fried tofu with Dashi fish broth
7,50 €

とり皮鉄板焼き柚子胡椒和え Chicken skin

  Grilled crispy chicken skin with“Yuzu”Green chili paste

6.50 €



日本産 厳選 御飯 White Rice
  Premium guality steamed rice from Japan
3,50 €


ゴマ辛ラーメンサラダ  “Ramen”Salad
  Cold “Ramen”-Noodles on salad with sesame sauce
13,00 €


  Deep fried vegetables with“Dashi”fish broth

7,50 €
茄子田楽 “Nasu-dengaku”
  Deep fried eggplant with torched sweet Miso paste
8,50 €

【肉料理】Meat dishes

特大鶏の唐揚げ “Tori-Kara´age”
  Japanese style deep-fried marinated chicken thigh
12,00 €
特製ダレの牛焼肉 “Yakiniku”
  Sizzling grilled beef with Homemade sauce
15,00 €


  Grilled Chicken tight seasoning with spicy unique flavour salt

12,00 €

豚串メンタイ “Buta-Kushi” 1pc

  Grilled skewered pork belly with“Mentaiko”spicy cod roe

4,00 €


帆立とブロッコリーのアンチョビ温サラダ Warm Salad

  Grilled Scallops and Broccoli warm style salad with Anchoby sauce

13,00 €
ホタテバター “Hotate-Butter”
  Scallops grilled in butter and soy sauce
13,00 €

牡蠣とほうれん草のバター醤油炒め Kaki-butter

  Grilled Oyster and Spinach with Soy butter sauce

13.00 €

トロトロ海鮮茶碗蒸し Chawan-mushi” 

  Savory egg custard with seafood of today

7.00 €


刺身3種盛り “Sashimi-Sanshumori”
 Three kinds of “sashimi”
18,00 €
刺身5種盛り “Sashimi-Goshumori”
 Five kinds of “sashimi”
28,00 €


熟成魚 盛り込み握り8種 “Nigiri-Hasshumori” 
  Aging fish with Chefs choice of eight kinds of “nigiri”style sushi of today
熟成魚 盛り込み握り10種 “Nigiri-Jyusshumori” 
  Aging fish withChefs choice of ten kinds of “nigiri”style sushi of today

35,00 €



キャビア “Caviar-maki” 6pc 
6,00 €


  Trout roe


涙 “Namida-maki”  4pc 
  Wasabi (Japanese horseradish)
5,00 €


  Pickled plum and “Shiso”leaf roll

4,50 €




冷やし温玉ぶっかけうどん “Ontama-Udon 

  Cold udon and “Dashi” fish broth with slow cooked egg and more

12,00 €

 明太鶏焼きうどん “Mentai-Udon 

  Stir fried“Udon”and“Mentaiko[Spicy cod roe]”with Grilled Chicken thigh

 16,00 €


【Recommended dishes】

“Offer good, while supplies last!”we are offering more than 10 different recommended dishes every day.
※For more information, please ask our staff.

【デザート】 Dessert


  Today’s gelato

3,50 €